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Building owners and managers are reporting on a regular basis that their elevators are termed “obsolete” by their service contractor even though the elevator was installed less than 15 years ago. Allowing an elevator contractor to determine equipment "obsolete" has significant maintenance contract implications. The definition of OBSOLETE is: no longer in use or no longer useful : of a kind or style no longer current : OLD-FASHIONED
Elevator modernization can be a major building upgrade and may impact most of the unit owners or occupants of the building. Only with the proper planning and oversight will a building owner be assured of a chance for a successful elevator modernization. Additional concerns with alterations or modernization of the elevator are the coordination and correct definition of work by other trades. The building required upgrades can include the fire alarm system, air conditioning, stairways and doors, signage, lighting, accessibility, fire command centers, and electrical issues.
Elevator maintenance contracts has become a major headache for building managers. Terms used, length of contracts, automatic renews covered components are confusing issues.

Building owners and managers need to consider the services of a professional elevator consultant for elevator modernizations or service contracts. The building owners or managers need to verify all credentials, associations, and references in consideration of a consultant.

Elevator CSI consultants will independently work in the best interest of the building owner with the different trade contractors included in the complete scope of the project. The savings realized by the building owners by contracting a professional consultant will be evident in the quality of the specifications, contract negotiations, and the coordination of all trades for a proper, safe, and reliable operating elevator. The benefits received by contracting a true professional consultant will be well above the actual cost of the professional consultant’s fees.

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